Ask Porn Surfing Alfred


Apr 2
trying to summon the legendary joe coffee to the stream.  Let’s see if it works.

trying to summon the legendary joe coffee to the stream.  Let’s see if it works.

Admin here, just letting ya guys know.  There is gonna be a post or two here tomarrow that is OOC, someone died and it was relevant enough that I want to write about it here.  I’ll mark it as ‘OOC’ and ‘family death’ for anyone who doesn’t want to see it.


I don’t know you very well either, but it seems all the guys you know don’t have the balls to help.  Maybe this’ll get them more in the mood to help out, or else you just might have to rely on a stranger….   or a sexual aide :3c

"You are an interesting creature, aren't you?"

I like to try to at least seem normal sometimes….

"How about I help you out then unless you got everything covered that is."

I’ve only bit one person so far, and they flat out asked to be bitten (They said “Bite me”  Sounds like an invite to me.)  So I haven’t gotten bad yet…

Abel loaded his gun. Time to kill

Alfred: I’ve “Died” many times, yet I’m still here.  Really, do you think you’re going to be successful?  Try if you want.

He sort of rose a brow at him. "A little vampiric are you now?"

Admin Here.  

Recently I’ve had a lot of bad stuff happen in real life.  So if I’m slow in responding, or not posting like usual, or just not getting things done, I’m sorry.  Things are just really bad right now and I’m waiting for them to hopefully get somewhat better despite the fact that I know they won’t.  So if I disappear for a bit, just assume a Hiatus because I don’t know what’ll happen next.

BTW, No.  I am not doing commisions, have never done commisions, and will probably never do them.  I do not believe there is enough of an interest in my artwork and truthfully it’s only depressing to see how little an artists time is worth.